Repurpose Your
Video Content With Ease

Save your time. Quicc search helps you find exactly what you are looking for and repurpose the content you’ve worked so hard on.

Quicc Search Your Video Library

Quicc Search helps you make the most out of your video. As you start to build your video library, you’re going to want a way to quickly find specific videos – Quicc Search helps you do that.

  1. Upload your videos
  2. Have your videos automatically transcribed
  3. Set your filters
  4. Search your content library by keyword
  5. Go through the results
After you get your results, you’ll be able to view the sections of your videos where you mention the keyword you searched

Clipping & Repurposing

Now that you’ve found the video you want to use, you can easily clip the video into a shorter version using Quicc’s clipping tool.

Once you select the video perfect for the keyword you had in mind, a clip editor will appear.

From here you will be able to scrub up to 2 minutes of your video and select the portion of your video you would like clip out.

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Branded Video Captions

If you’ve ever used captions on social media, which you should, then you know that they are boring.

All of the captions look the same and even worse, they only show up if people prompt them to!

But what if we told you it was possible to add your style to your video captions?

Captions that look like you.

With branding in mind, we’ve added over 60 different fonts that you can use.

Every color possible for text, outlines or background.

And custom sizing options.

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Watch Owen show you how it works.

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