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Video creators in 120 countries have used Quicc to save over

4,928,330 minutes of their lives.

(yea. burning time looking for and editing video sucks.)

Take back your time.

Let’s be honest, your time and effort should be focused on creating and sharing amazing content with the world. No one likes to spend time trapped in post-production, taking you away from your creative wish list.

Quicc creators save time with:

  • Your own video library search engine! (New Feature!)
  • Clipping your videos into content you can immediately repurpose (New Feature!)
  • Automatic transcriptions
  • Auto-generated SRT files
  • Branded, stylized captions

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Manage Large Video Libraries

Remember the time you spent 2 hours looking for that short 15 second quote that went viral on your social accounts?

With Quicc, you could have found it, clipped it, and spent those 2 hours having fun. Like playing frisbee on jet skis eating tacos kind of fun.

  • Reduce a content repurposing project from hours down to mere seconds.
  • Instantaneously search for any word or moment in a massive video library
  • Captions are included with a Pro subscription, no pesky per minute or per video fees.

Maximize Your Content!

You put a lot of time and effort into creating great content, so why not get the most out of it? Quicc enables branded captions for all your videos!

Today 85% of video content is watched on mute, without captions, you only reach 15% of people!

Extend your reach effortlessly by:

  • Creating an SRT file you can upload for closed captions
  • Burning in captions for easy viewing
  • Providing transcripts when possible

Create your own unique experience

✓ Search Videos
✓ Automatic Transcripts
✓ Branded Captions
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*No Credit Card Required

Hi there!👋

It's Mike & Jason here, we are the Co-Founders of Quicc. We are excited that you have found us and hope to serve you well as we continue to grow this company! Video content was hard for us to scale in our first startup, which led to building Quicc. Since then we have been blown away by the community of creators who have been a part of our rapid growth!

We believe in building a sustainable, transparent, and liberating product/company and we both hope you will join us by using Quicc as your own secret weapon in creating video content!

Can't wait to see what you create!
- Mike & Jason