One Billion

We automatically add captions & subtitles for you.



1 minute

Burn in Captions

Less than $1

Per minute 

Videos with Captions engage your audience in a world on mute.

Get back to life, and out of post production.

Not just a transcript. 

Why stop with just a transcript? We embed your captions directly onto your video automatically. 

Minutes away from done.

Quicc can transcribe and process captions on videos in just a few minutes so you can move on with your day!

Quicc runs cross-platform to keep up with creators on the go.

Now go make some video!

2. Review & Stylize

Create truly accessible videos with your own brand & personality!

3. We "Burn" them in!

Our Caption Engine does all the hard work adding your words frame by frame.

1. Upload a video

We will transcribe it in a few minutes with ~90% accuracy!



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